Active Silicon Granulated Soil conditioner

Active Silicon in granulated from us basically is Silicon Soil Conditioner which gives many benefits to crops, trees, flowers etc. For more details mail us.


Active Silicon Fertilizer granules and powder

We are manufacturers of Active Silicon granules and powder which gives excellent growth in all type of plants. Send us an email to get an e-brochure.


Active Silicon powder for foliar spray

Active Silicon Powder for foliar spray increases plants photosynthesis and make them green and also act as natural insecticide. The product is approves by Indocert for 100 % organic Input. Mail us to get an e-brochure.


Diatomaceous Earth powder for insecticide

We are the biggest producers of Diatomaceous Earth for use in insecticide. The right particle size gives excellent results for use of this material in internal and external pest control. For more details mail us back.


Silicon Fertilizer

We are biggest manufacturers of Silicon fertilizer in both powder and granule form,  for more details mail us.